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Simplify tasks and discover the benefits of outsourcing from our team of professional Virtual Assistants (VA). Free yourself and your in-house team from tedious back-office duties and focus on what really matters most — providing excellent healthcare and medical services to your patients while saving you up to 70% on staffing costs!

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Virtual Assistants are broadly useful for healthcare providers. Thru remote work, they can enable health professionals to progress in the market by improving their profitability. We believe that a successful practitioner is the one whose skillset maximizes operational efficiency and administrative productivity.


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The company is owned and managed by esteemed physicians and visionary leaders who understand the challenges of running a modern healthcare practice. Our outsourcing solutions are tailored for the needs of the healthcare professional in mind.

Help You Save Up to 70% on Labor Costs

Outsourcing reduces staffing costs significantly by eliminating money spent on salaries, health insurance, worker’s compensation, parking, and office space. In the context of cost efficiency, it means that you’re getting high-quality work for less cost.

Diligent Vetting

Our comprehensive employee vetting process evaluates potential candidates on the basis of related professional experience, reference and background verification, communication skills assessment and personality test.

24/7 Support and Customer Service

Our clients and Virtual Assistants (VA) benefit from ongoing support provided by our seasoned managers. We will assist you during the onboarding process to incorporate the VA to your practice seamlessly and hassle-free. Our team will check in with you regularly to ensure things are running smooth and make adjustments as necessary.

Data Security and Privacy Protection

The Philippine outsourcing industry has been processing highly sensitive client data for over two decades ranging from health insurance, PHI/medical records and personal financial data.
The Philippine government prosecutes individuals who compromise sensitive information, such as PHI and financial data leaks. This is stipulated in the Data Privacy Act of 2012.
Likening to HIPAA in the United States and under Philippine law – Filipino citizens can be held accountable even if they are working with an entity based overseas. More information can be found here.

Why Outsource to the Philippines?

The Philippines has positioned itself as the top outsourcing destination in the world. The country continues to outperform its neighboring competitors for various reasons:
Yearly, local universities and colleges has been churning out an addition of 700,000 to the pool of skilled and qualified workers. Studies show the country will continue to benefit from this workforce in the coming years.

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